Dreams of Chamonix

While we did have a few days in February and loved that time we didn’t make it to Cham this summer like we did the last 2 years. Each June for those 2 years we’d spend a week under the expert guidance of James Thacker , well known Alpine Guide, awesome climber and altogether very good skier (broken ankle aside).

We gained so much in those  short sojourns in terms of skills, experience, and most invaluably; awareness of ourselves . We awed at the vista’s, struggled with the altitude, reveled in the nightlife and celebrated our achievements (pedestrian as they may seem to some).

Sitting in a bar in Cham , listening to our friends talk about their achievements, goals, failures and fears I also learned the hard way that we need to accept a few things in life.

There isn’t time to do everything.

We aren’t good at everything. Not everyone likes the same adventures. Unless you are a full-time alpinist you simply aren’t going to achieve everything you aspire to ( or maybe its about resetting my aspirations?).

And I learned , most agonisingly that – it’s ok for all that to be true.

We set such high expectations on ourselves and it can be a catalyst for others expecting a lot of us (in our minds anyway). That pressure can steal the fun.  Life is about balance . Mind, body and soul. We need a stop by the roadside sometimes to appreciate the view and remember why we are making the journey.

I didn’t make it to the alps  this summer and I truly miss it . But you know what. That’s ok.

P1200467 (1)

Photo copyright of James Thacker, Aguille d’Entreves

4 responses to Dreams of Chamonix

  1. Mark McKenzie says:

    CoachMacca, I can personally concur re: James Thacker! First introduced back in the summer of 2014 following an unsuccessful attempt on Mont Blanc. Ski Toured with James back in March this year, just before his unfortunate accident. I had a fantastic two days. I therefore can whole heartedly relate to your post. Whilst we have all these aspirations, they may not always be achieved in the time frame that we initially planned. Still working on my goal to summit. With James.
    Kind regards Mark.

    “it doesn’t matter when you get there, as long as you get there!”


    • coachmacca says:

      Thanks for the comment Mark and enjoy !! Think you were right after Sam and I had been with him 🙂 hope to cross paths sometime


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