Wall time

Davy making easy work of routes certainly motivated me to push hard but finally the pump and weakness of my grip (told you its been a while) got the better of me!Read more

Mr Vango.

The above picture, grainy and black and white though it captures a conversation I had some 3 years ago that will remain with me for a long time.Read more

The Fortitude to recover

Team Fortitude was set up with the sole aim of raising funds for Rock 2 Recovery. R2R is an amazing organization that works with servicemen/women/veterans and their families affected by PTSD/MBTI’s.Read more

Identity – A rose by another name?

  Here at McLovinMountains.com we are considering what our identity is and as part of that are considering new logo’s to be easily recognisable across internet platforms so you can easily spot us and find the info you expect from us. I’d love to hear feedback on above, not “set in stone” yet – so lets hear ya!Read more