Start of the route.

4 years ago I wandered up my first “hill” , all full of motivation, trepidation and to be honest, as it was raining and cloudy more than a  little consternation but hey I was a hillwalker! It’s all part of the fun, right?

Like alot of “outdoor folk” I found the mountains by accident as a by-product of another event, in this case a charity walk up Ben Nevis.

My cousin had, at a very young age of 21, been diagnosed, suffered from , fought and we are so very glad to say recovered from Leukemia. A terrible, terrifying disease that no young, beautiful fun-filled girl should need to face – but face it she did! and with the help of the wonderful people at the Teenage Cancer Trust kicked it’s ass, and then some.

So, here was me trying in some small way to show support and help raise money for them along with a bunch of my work colleagues. We walked, we rested , we walked more and finally we reached the summit – all the rocky, misty goodness laid out before us, we sat and ate our sandwiches and we turned around and walked back down .

And we loved it!

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