Climbing Partners

Who is your main climbing partner? An old friend? A new friend? A group of friends? Internet meet ups? Or maybe you’re lucky like me and its your “better half”.

Why do I say lucky?

I don’t always climb better when I’m with Sam (although often I do) , she allows me to be scared and back off if I’m being weak or genuinely tired – so its not about that. She never judges and she always helps me see the positives in failure, and I do the same for her I hope. It is about that.

As a married couple I really do treasure that we can enjoy these adventures together. We get to experience the truly magical elements that the mountains offer together.

On the odd occasion when I climb with my friends two things happen.

Yes, I think I climb harder (and further) with more  bravado to quell my fear but I also start to wish that Sam was here to share it and by then end of the days climbing I’m really missing her. What magic is this !?

Do I think Sam and I will conquer giant peaks together? No.

Do I think we can conquer life by being together on the peaks? Hell yeah!


Scottish based aspiring mountaineer always on the look out for some new adventure that will stretch and develop me. One half of a husband/wife Alpine adventure couple.

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