With the news and media across all platforms again consumed by the terrible pictures of pain and fear in Europe, the US and across the Middle East & Africa I wanted to post something more to recognise the corner I’ve turned, from being an amplifier for the negativity through Facebook posts, shares, tweets and commentary to being a mirror on what’s good around us instead.

It’s not always easy to remember there are 7 billion people (7,000,000,000) on Earth – even when there are “many” bad ones they are astronomically outweighed by the good – turn the camera 180 degrees from the shooter and see people helping one another and protecting loved ones in larger numbers – we just don’t have a media that likes good new stories !

‪#‎Turnaround see the goodness.

My thoughts to all in pain and fear (in Nice but also the other places less well represented) but don’t allow yourself to be cowed into fear and depression – never lose the bigger world picture.

Think about all those amazing people in your family and circle of friends, even the ones you’ve lost touch with or only see once a year, the ones you climb mountains with, go kayaking with, adventuring with, sitting by the fire with, smile at on a train, chat with at work, meet in a bar.

That’s the real world.

Count all those people – the ones you see as a positive or happy part of your life, even a neutral one. Count them, go on do it now.

Got it?

Now add up all the individuals who have directly impacted your life in a really , tangibly negative way.

Individually they may seem bigger scarier or more permanent a stain on your consciousness but they are a tiny fraction of the precious, positive loved one’s around us.

Visualise both groups as standing in a field – which is bigger?

Don’t be an amplifier of fear.


See the goodness, cherish it and live in it

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