Out is the key , no matter where

Following Andy’s great and insightful , and I’m sure recognisable post (Yo-yo Mojo) I was determined that while “life” of keeping me busy to get out no matter what this weekend .

The ritual of planning , digging out clothes , pack, deciding where to go , which hat and gloves, long or short base layer , will it rain or not is all part of being us closer to the mountains – it’s the inside bit of getting outside and I find it can really motivate me .

In this case as my other half has not been out in some time and wanted something short but enjoyable we had planned that hill that’s not really a hill – Conic .

A lovely hill yes but usually it’s the first hill we all get up and one we rarely return to (I have it has to be said if I only have a couple of hours , like this weekend) .

Off we set after not to early a start , sun up and only a hint if westerly cloud to be seen.. half way there as we left Bearsden the rain on, clouds black and piss poor planning meaning a risk we’d run out of petrol on the return I decide instead to visit a VERY small hill on the northern outskirts of Glasgow – Achineden hill (from Queens view) .

Wild , a bit wet but a nice walk and great to be out in the winter air with brooding views to Loch Lomond and beyond.

Next time I’ll drop down and check out The Whangie , maybe even get some cragging in.

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