Brew with a view

Up at 5.40am on a Saturday , quick bowl of cereal and flask packed .

Drive to Callander and a bit more and arrive at the Ben A’an car park nice an early , already a few cars . Paid my toll and off I stroll.

It’s steeper than I remember ( I say this every time) , the paths been developed – kudos to the teams who do this so us who wander can.

Up past what used to be the forest, a few years felled now , used to it despite its baldness. Blue skies for days and heat already rising .

Up through the river way , up through the trees standing and fallen, up to below the buttress of the best wee peak in Scotland ( on earth?)

Up the final rocky summit line , like an alpine top in miniature. Arrive at the rocky pointy summit with those sublime views.

Find my seat, pad out and on the ground , find a nook and recline fee dangling .

Coffee out , mini pork pie in hand – and … breathe. Breakfast of the gods in view terms at least. An 8am coffee never tasted so good. Just sit, relax, sip and munch , heaven.

Back down in smart time , down the road and back to the city for a day with loved ones. Already feel the pull back to the hills , the city pulling me back in , bringing me back to earth.

But what a cup of coffee.

I’ll be back

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