Happy New year of #Adventure!

Happy New Year!

Hopefully you have now got over the hangovers, stopped eating chocolate as a major food group and have managed to get out of bed before lunch  (just me?) and are looking forward to an exciting year ahead.

I know  a great number have already been out and about , with lots of climbing and hill walking pics gracing my social media feed.

I made it for 1 great day of winter climbing in the Cairngorms and have a couple coming up very soon so it already feels like we are off to a god start after what felt like quite a quite year adventure wise in my house.

Reflection is always part of looking ahead and one great way was to run the #2017BestNine app on Instagram to see which 9 pics of the year drew most attention.

I know social media isn’t a yardstick by which to live your life but it can be a good way of combining memories or capturing moments in time for reflection.  As long as we all remember doing is far more important (and far more rewarding ) that posting about it.

Here are mine! I’d love to see yours, post any links you have to them in the comments section or come connect on Instagram

Best Ninbe

In order top left to bottom right :

Prepping for a winter climb early 2017, Prepping gear for the Swiss alps, a picture reflecting our collective global feeling of loss when the sad news of Ueli Steck came in, Davy Wright descending the Monch SE ridge in front of me, The indoor walls of EICA (Edinburgh) , me on the approach to the summit on the Monch, my pack ready for heading up to the Monch, a throwback pic from the Marbrees ridge on mt Blanc (2016), another crop shot of Davy on the Monch Ridge.

Here’s to 2018! Slainte m’Hath!

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