SIGG Hot & Cold food jar on test

So let me get it out the way –  – I am OCD about weight, space etc and they just typically don’t serve a need for me – i don’t take hot food on a climb and its rarely hot enough in Scotland to need a keep cold solution.

That may be about to change…

This test came about by accident as I was actually about to take a selection of Tent Meals (Vegan friendly but not exclusively vegan expedition/camping meals- see upcoming post) on a winter climbing trip to the Cairngorms and during discussion it was mentioned by Jess and TentMeals that the new SIGG food jar was ideal for the 800kcal meals so one was kindly sent by the folks at SIGG.

SIGG I rate, always have, they have heritage.  …Food jars?

I was jury’s out  – as i just simply hadn’t tried them before and tbh i had ever really found a jar/thermal solution that truly did what it said on the tin regards keeping food/drink hot or cold for extended lengths of time (think 8-10 hours).

So onto then testing..



This is the SIGG 0.5L Hold & Cold Food Jar – as detailed on Siggs website   , it even ships with some great recipes! Solid construction, nice tight light and a handles to carry it / connect it to a pack if desired.

So the spec

  • 0.5L
  • 18/8 Stainless steel
  • BPA Free
  • Hot for 10 hrs
  • Cold up to 25hrs
  • Leakproof


The test

Staying at Cairngorms in the SYHA i made up one of the porridges from Tent meals and yep it was a good match size wise (with plenty left over ) . The jar would easily accommodate  normal porridge and meals like soup, beans and sausages (Davy Wrights favourite) or a whole host of options so from that stand point its winning so far.

Brekkie over I decided to make some hot orange to test its heat retaining properties in the ~ minus 8C tempos around Aviemore and the  Cairngorms that day.

Full disclosure.. I left it in my mates van during a gear swap but it sat for around 9 1/2 hours in the extreme cold of Aviemore and when I returned ?

Yep – still very warm, not roasting but definitely warm – would have been great on the cold hill! So far so good….

Wishing I had a warm drink right about now….douh!

Final test – could it keep drinks cold?

I love cold drinks, add ice to them all and even when at room temperature Im not a fan so when heading for a day at he Glasgow Climbing Centres indoor wall with the ampitee charity we support called Funding Your Feet i decided to make up some dilutig orage, add some ice cubes and see how long the Sigg could stop them melting.


I usually fill a Nalgene wide mouth for the wall so taking the Sigg was no extra hassle ,  and ice in the Nalgene lasts about 30 mins.

I spent around 3 hours at the wall before heading for a drink. I open the jar and? …. still ice! and ice cold juice. Paint me impressed!


Yep, that’s ice after 3 hours 

Lid back on I decided to see how long it would last ..

That evening (around 8, so 11 hours after filling) i remember the jar and opened it, ice was of course gone but surprisingly the juice was still cold, not just “room cold” but “fridge cold “. I do’nt spend more than 11 hours out on a hill.. and if so its at night in winter and cold is not an issue so for me this was a 3 hit success for the SIGG!

Its light , its sizeable and it does what it says on the tin  (as far as I could test)..

Will I take a jar on the hill now? .. you know what… I just might!

For camping, hillwalking or a day cragging this would be ideal, on a winter climb  I’d maybe swap out my Nalgene for it  – a warm drink on a cold belay does sound pretty amazing ….. and no Davy Wright you cant have it for your beans and sausages.. see its not listed  😉



For more information contact Sigg or your usual outdoor retailer, and let me know how you find it or any great recipes!  Current RRP is £22.99

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